Ellen Barnard. Founder of The Harmony Hive.

Ellen and I met at a local weekly brunch group back in 2018. I moved to WA from CO and relied heavily on the brunch meetup to meet new people, build connections and build friendships. Ellen and I have been friends ever since. We lived completely different lifestyles; she is a primitive nutritionist, birth doula and helps women struggling with infertility with proper nutrition, hormone and gut health. I, on the other hand, knew nothing about proper nutrition, how to properly take care of my health or any of that. To say she has a wealth of knowledge is an understatement. She has a real knack helping you understand how you can live your best life with proper nutrition. This is also tied to your everyday and fertility health. I never would've imagined, but she changed my mindset and I am now more mindful about my and my family's health and am cautious of what we are putting into our bodies. She has changed our health for the better.

During this session, we did multiple outfit changes and it truly felt like we were kids, playing dress-up. We moved all around this stunning loft (which had the perfect lighting any natural-light photographer could ask for) and utilized every angle of each space. This loft was perfectly decorated, like something out of Magnolia Journal Magazine.

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