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Every woman deserves to feel beautiful. Come as you are and allow yourself to be pampered.

Jordan B. Mother of 4

What is portrait photography and why is it important? 

The purpose of portrait photography is all about trying to capture the personality, identity, soul, and emotions of a subject to create timeless photographs.  Photographs display your emotions and the inner and outer beauty. 

Portrait photographs can evoke emotion and memories, and takes you back to the moment it was taken. They were made to savor a moment and make it last a lifetime.
Women, especially mothers, tend to put themselves last.  It's time to put yourself first and treat yourself like the queen everyone knows you are. It's okay to pamper yourself. It's okay to indulge in the things that bring you joy. It's okay to love yourself and all that you do. 

When a portrait is created, it is more than just a digital image. It is a tangible piece of time that will last forever. They show a side of you that's rarely seen. It's time to celebrate you. Whether you've made a drastic change in your life, career or just want to pamper yourself, it's never too late to express yourself.

It is my mission to capture and show the beauty I see behind the lens.

You are a queen and you deserve to be treated like one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to do this but I'm not photogenic.

A:  Not a problem at all. Let us take care of that; my hair and makeup artist will give you a makeover and bring out the beauty that I see you. 

Q: What if I'm awkward and don't know how to pose myself?

A:  Let me take the stress off your shoulders. It is my job to guide and direct  you with posing, laughing cues and photographing the beauty I see behind the lens.

Q: What do I wear?  I don't know what to wear.

A:  During the complimentary consultation, we will discuss your wardrobe options.  I will assist and guide you with outfits and what looks best.

Q: Can I bring someone with me to my session?

A:  Absolutely! I'd love for you to bring them along! They can even join in on your session. Not only will they hype you up, but they'll also share this experience with you.

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